Get cash for your car when it’s not worth repairing

Picture this. After months of shaky starts and shuddering at the lights, your car has finally broken down. You’ve had some strangers give you a push to the side of the road, your vehicle has been towed to the local mechanic and now you’re awaiting the call.  THAT call.  The call where you find out how much you are up for in repairs.

If you’ve recently had this happen to you, you’ll be familiar with that feeling of dread that arises as you brace yourself. You probably felt tempted to not even answer the call. Discovering that the parts and labour that your car needs will cost you thousands of dollars is pretty devastating.  When you find out the costs for repairs are going to be extensive, it’s time to seriously consider if it’s worth undertaking them at all.  

Sure, it can be hard to say goodbye to a car that has served you well.  And you’re probably thinking about all the money have put into it in the past to keep it running.  But there comes a time when you simply have to cut your losses and get rid of a car that keeps costing you money.  

There are a lot of factors that can impact a car’s lifespan. Previous owners might not have kept up on services or repairs. Being involved in an accident or being left exposed to the weather can cause irreparable damage. Replacement parts can be hard to get for some makes and models, which can leave you stuck in limbo.

Often we know in our hearts when it is time to say goodbye to a car.  There really is no point continuing to tip money into a vehicle that is on its last legs anyway. With a competitive secondhand car market and plenty of choices thanks to online selling platforms, you can often get a suitable secondhand car that is running perfectly for the same amount you would spend on repairs

If you make the tough decision to not repair your damaged vehicle, Wreckers Adelaide is here to help. If you can’t justify any more spending on your car, contact us and we will give you an offer for your broken down car that is fair and reasonable. Consider the money the down payment on a replacement vehicle. You’ll have cash ready to spend on a new car.

We’ll come and tow your car from whichever repair shop it is located at, and we won’t charge you for the service. We’ll take and reuse whatever parts from your car are salvageable. If you’re looking for a wrecking or removal service in Adelaide, come to us at Total Wreckers.

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